Infinite Warfare Patch 1.11 Notes: IW adds more prestiges and custom emblems

Don't want to read through the laboriously-long patch notes for IW? We got you covered.

Image via Activision

Patch notes can be very long at times because of some information that players and fans don’t care about. To help you out, I have summarized the long-winded stuff below for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 1.11 patch.

  • 20 more prestige levels have been added. You can rank up to prestige 30 now.
  • Prestige ranks give permanent rewards, such as extra XP, new rank icons, and more.
  • Custom emblems are back.
  • You can customize and create your own emblem now just as you could in some of the other previous titles.
  • Everlasting enemy name during killcam has been fixed.
  • Readiness now reloads faster when ammo is low instead of empty.
  • An issue where trophy systems could block uplink drone has been fixed.
  • Various map fixes.

The rest of the information from this patch can be found below:

  • Master prestige ranks.
  • Audio fixes for Intel Logs in campaign.
  • Fixes to party indicators not appearing properly.
  • Audio fixes for MP and Zombies when having two profiles logged in on PS4.
  • Fix for the Weapon Level Up indicator not displaying properly mid-match.
  • Camo adjustments for the Hailstorm.
  • Fix for the Axe not appearing properly in the player’s hands when using the Synaptic’s Rushdown Trait.
  • Fix for the Synaptic using a different gesture instead of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” when viewing in third person.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy scorestreak callouts would not play in FFA.
  • Fix for a bug where the Rigs would be facing the wrong direction in the Winner’s Circle.

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