ImAngelikaa joins London Royal Ravens as a content creator

A new face has joined the London organization.

Screengrab via London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens signed IMAngelikaa as a content creator today. ImAngelikaa is known for playing games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite on stream. 

IMAngelikaa has 21,000 followers on Twitch and has steadily increased in popularity during 2020, according to TwitchTracker. She’s a talented Warzone player who fits nicely into the competitive Call of Duty environment that the London Royal Ravens are known for. 

But she isn’t the first content creator to join the London Royal Ravens. Jukeyz is another content creator on the roster known for streaming Call of Duty: Warzone and competing in various tournaments. ImAngelikaa will help the organization move further into the world of content creation like other teams, such as the Chicago Huntsmen, have already done. 

The London Royal Ravens recently introduced several additions to its Call of Duty League roster. Seany, Dylan, and Zer0 returned to the Ravens’ Call of Duty League lineup. Alexx, a former player for the Minnesota RØKKR, will fill the last spot for the 2021 season. Dominate also returned as the team’s head coach and will be joined by ShAnE, who’s moved to the assistant head coach position for the new season. 

London is slowly building a strong lineup of content creators and streamers alongside its talented professional team. More content creators could be signed in the future as the organization continues to grow.