14 November 2017 - 18:29

Former Enigma6 players join HavoK Esports for Call of Duty: WWII

The players have reportedly signed four-month contracts.
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Photo via MLG

Four former Enigma6 players have found a new home for the Call of Duty: WWII season.

HavoK Esports has signed the roster of Kelsey "ExiB" Newsome, Evan "Holler" Howard, Kade Jones, and Mike "MRuiz" Ruiz to four-month contracts, according to sources close to the organization.

All four players represented Enigma6 at some point in their careers, with Kade and MRuiz playing together for an extended period during Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare. Kade played for the organization most recently, placing top 12 as a part of E6 at the Call of Duty World League Championship this past August.

The team approached HavoK about representing the organization at events, according to sources. Holler played under the HvK banner at the North American LCQ in August as a last-ditch effort to qualify for the CWL Championship after his team was left without an organization, but the team fell just shy and missed the biggest event of the year.

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ExiB, despite only playing at a handful of CWL events in the last two years—mostly because he wasn't eligible due to his age—has played with MRuiz and Kade countless times at local offline events. The trio won several titles in the Midwest together at eBash and MES events.

The team played in this past week's CWL 2K, but fell in the fifth round of the tournament that started with hundreds of teams. They'll look to bounce back in the Nov. 19 tournament so they can keep pace with some of the best teams in North America.

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