Hundreds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cosmetics have been leaked

Over 250 cosmetics have been revealed.

Image via Activision

Over 250 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cosmetics have been leaked ahead of the game’s upcoming launch.

A Reddit user posted a video detailing the new cosmetics, including Operator skins, weapon variants, and charms. The video also showed off new chronograph designs, which is a new feature in Modern Warfare

Initially, around 20 Operator skins were shown. All of them featured different colors and styles based on their appearance. The skins were in house colors, like dark green, gray, and dark blue, to resemble camouflage.

The weapon variants showed different models of the same weapon. The first weapon, for example, can be seen with a British flag on the side, suggesting that it’s a British-made model. But several other variants feature different colors and designs. Different exclusive attachments can be seen on each variation, too, such as optics and magazine extensions.

The charms are small objects that hang off the side of a weapon, such as a plastic dinosaur, smoke grenade, Captain Price’s hat, a sunflower, a zombie’s hand, and a sneaker. 

There were also different chronographs and watch designs at the end of the video. They all feature several new models, designs, and colors that players can choose from. 

These cosmetics could be easily obtainable in Modern Warfare since Infinity Ward has said that these items will be unlocked through gameplay rather than loot boxes. On Oct. 17, Activision revealed that it’ll be removing the Season Pass and introducing a Battle Pass system, similar to battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends

Some cosmetics can still be purchased through an in-game store, but players can earn CoD points by playing the game rather than buying them. 

Modern Warfare will be released on Oct. 25.