How to watch Code Red’s $25,000 co-ed Call of Duty: Warzone tournament

A St. Patty's Day duo tourney.

Image via Activision

A prize pool of $25,000 will be on the line for Call of Duty: Warzone duos comprised of co-ed competitors in an upcoming tournament run by BoomTV.

The CodeRed Co-Ed $25,000 Warzone event will feature top content creators paired up for some fun in Verdansk—and it’s all taking place on St. Patrick’s Day this Wednesday, March 17.

The event will consist of duos queuing up in Quads and facing off in a kill race. There will be a winners and losers bracket, both of which can be found online, before the champion is crowned.

Confirmed competitors include:

  • Aydan
  • C9 Emz
  • KaleyRenay
  • BobbyPoff
  • Swagg
  • HollyyLive
  • Unrational
  • FaZe Bloo
  • Bunni
  • Tommey
  • and more

Here’s how to watch the show.

How to watch BoomTV’s $25,000 co-ed Warzone tournament

The tournament begins on March 17 at 2pm CT and all of the action will be broadcast on the BoomTV Twitch channel.

If you’d like to watch the perspectives of the competitors, those can be found in the Call of Duty: Warzone Twitch directory when the event begins.