How to watch the Call of Duty: Vanguard $110,000 Black Friday Search & Save SnD Invitational

A lot of shopping can get done with that prize pool.

Screengrab via Activision

Some big-time cash is on the line this Black Friday in eFuse’s Call of Duty: Vanguard $110,000 Black Friday Search & Save Search and Destroy Invitational.

$110,000 is some serious change for a three-vs-three SnD tournament before the CDL season even begins. It should be a very sweaty event, considering the players involved and how much money is on the line. Whoever wins can do some serious Black Friday shopping.

The three-person teams must be made up of one woman creator, one current CDL pro, and one CoD creator. Alternatively, it could also be a team of one woman creator and two CoD creators. The roster rules should make up for some interesting matchups.

Team captains for the event include Arcitys, aBeZy, Crimsix, SlasheR, Methodz, ZLaner, Envoy, Karma, Tommey, Huke, Standy, Aydan, and more. A lot of these players are used to competing for big money in tournaments, but for many others, this is a huge opportunity.

Here’s how to tune into the show this Black Friday.

How to watch the Vanguard $110K Black Friday Search & Save tournament

The invitational begins on Black Friday, Nov. 26, at 2pm CT.

You can tune into the tournament and see things like standings and scores on the official eFuse tournament page. The eFuse channel will host the event, featuring casting by CDL broadcast talent Miles and Chance.

For other perspectives, including those of some of the content creators and female CoD players, the rest of the streamers will likely be found inside of the Vanguard directory on Twitch. There, you can browse around and choose the perspective you want to watch.