How to use the Jackal in CoD Mobile

Tom Cruise's favorite plane in CoD Mobile.

Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile always finds a way to keep the gameplay experience fresh in every new season for both newcomers and veteran players. June 29 marked the start of season six, which came bundled with the Jackal fighter jet.

The Jackal fighter jets are fully controllable by the players, and there are a few of them on the map. When you first get into one, the controls may seem a bit confusing, since flying a fighter jet is more complicated than driving a vehicle or operating a helicopter.

How to find a Jackal in CoD Mobile

  • Join a match.
  • Open the map.
  • Look for a jet icon.
  • Make your way to the jet icon to fly the Jackal fighter jet.

Get familiar with the Jackal’s controls in CoD Mobile

The Jackal fighter jet has a total of five controls.

  • Accelerator: The accelerator will allow you to go faster in the air and help you take off.
  • Automatic Cannon: The automatic cannon shoots explosive rounds, and can be used to take down enemies while flying.
  • Brakes: Brakes allow players to release the landing gear, but you’ll need to slow down first.
  • Flares: Flares are mainly used to get away from enemy missile attacks from other Jackals. 
  • Missiles: Missiles can be used to shoot down other Jackals, or they can also be used to target enemies on the ground.

During your first flight, it’s generally a wise idea to take your time and get used to the controls. While you can try to focus on taking out other players, you can also use the Jackal for transportation. Considering the jet’s speed, you’ll be able to make it to multiple loot locations and back to the circle in time.

In addition to shooting missiles and bullets, you can also turn the jet itself into a weapon. If you spot enemy players on the ground, you can accelerate toward them and leave the jet before it hits the ground. After leaving the jet, you can start shooting at those players, giving them no room to run.