How to play in third-person in Modern Warfare 2

A new (but also old) view in Call of Duty.

Image via Activision

Fittingly, the latest upcoming Call of Duty reboot will utilize one of the prominent features of the original game it was based on. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to release on Oct. 28, 2022, and will officially feature a third-person mode, just like the original MW2 from 2009.

Third-person mode in MW2 will give the player a wider view of the area around them compared to first-person mode, letting you see more of your character’s peripheral vision at the cost of visual depth.

But how is third-person mode used?

How does third-person mode work in Modern Warfare 2?

In MW2, there will be clearly defined playlists for using third-person mode. These playlists will clearly have “third-person” in the title, and playlists that don’t have third-person in the title will not have third-person mode available.

Image via Activision

Switching from first-person to third-person, or vice-versa, is not an option, setting, or function in MW2. However, some settings and switches can be utilized to improve your experience. Players can hit a button or key to change which shoulder they look over in third-person mode, giving them two different viewpoints to choose from. In settings, you can alter the third-person field of view and camera settings to determine how wide or narrow your field of view is. A field of view that’s too wide might make it harder to see enemies on screen, but a field of view that’s too narrow could prevent you from seeing enemies in your peripheral.

Aiming down sights while playing in third-person mode automatically zooms into the normal ADS view that first-person mode would use. While operating in third-person mode, an X will appear when you are angled behind an object, indicating where the bullet would go if you fired your weapon since you cannot see your barrel while normally operating in third-person mode.

More game modes will be added that support third-person mode after the game fully launches, and third-person mode will also be a part of both Warzone 2.0 and Warzone Mobile when that launches too.