How to perform a finishing move in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Time your strike for a one-hit-kill.

Image via Activision

Of all the new features added in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the inclusion of finishing moves in multiplayer is a nice way to risk your well-being for a rewarding kill.

Just be aware that this may not always be a good way to go about killing enemies. A finishing move is going to leave you exposed to any player with a quick reaction time who can take you down before the animation is complete. But the one-hit-kill and special visual is a satisfying reward. 

It isn’t as easy to pull off a special move if you don’t know the map well, specifically because you need to be behind your enemy to even start the animation. If you know the popular sniper spots you can pretty easily pop in for a quick setup, but you should still be cautious. 

Once you get behind your target, just approach them while holding down the melee button to get things started. A simple press will only make your avatar simply swipe a knife or whack them with your gun, so make sure you are holding the button down to start the animation. 

The difficult part comes when the animation is starting because it is such a long startup compared to a quick melee attack. The area in which you are performing the attack could actually hinder your attempt because there could be more time for your opponent to respond and take you out. 

Good news though, you can cancel the animation by simply letting go and pressing the melee button again to perform a basic swing, which can also help you get the drop on that pesky opponent who knows you are trying to get them. 

You will probably die at least a few times when trying to perform your finishing move since the animation leaves you vulnerable to other players who might see you too. It is all just a matter of picking the right spots and reaction time, but once you begin the actual attack you can relax for a few seconds while the visual plays out. 

Revel in your finishing blow and then scurry back into the battle to find your next victim. As you play the game more, advanced tactics like distracting them with grenades or tag-teaming an approach with a squad could lead to some awesome moments, but the game is still fresh so prepare for a learning curve as the meta improves.