How to make a Regiment in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Get the band together.

Image via Activision

If you’ve ever found yourself lonely and in need of friends to play with, you’ve surely wondered what it’d be like to have a social feature in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that allowed you to easily group with people. 

Similar to the way that “clans” functioned in previous versions of CoD, Regiments are Modern Warfare’s way to connect with people in-game for some online fragging. 

While there are many Regiments that already exist, it’s still possible to make one of your own that you can use to help organize a group of friends. And the process for making one isn’t all that complicated. 

The first step in creating your own Regiment is to go to the “Social” menu in the game and find the “Regiments” tab. After you’ve found that, you should see an option to create a Regiment of your own. 

From there, you’ll have to go through perhaps the most difficult undertaking in the Regiment creation process—deciding on a name. 

Your Regiment’s name is allowed to be up to 28 characters. Once you’ve chosen your name, you’ll need to make a “Tag” that matches it. The Tag, which will be visible by anyone who sees you in-game, is only allowed to be five characters at most.

If you think calling that “difficult” is an overstatement, then congratulations, you truly understand just how easy it is to make your own Regiment in Call of Duty.

Along with being able to organize with your buddies, having a Regiment will give you an opportunity to do things like schedule a “Happy Hour” where you and your friends can earn double XP each day for an hour. 

All you have to do now is get your buddies grouped up in the Regiment with you and play to your heart’s content.