How to get into the secret wine bottle room in Call of Duty: Warzone Fortune’s Keep

Opening the secret room takes a bit of work.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are enjoying Fortune’s Keep, the newest Warzone map allowing players to explore a smuggler’s paradise full of exciting points of interest. Players can explore a winery, town, grotto, and even a graveyard on this small but vibrant island. Some fans have also noticed some secrets around the map, including a secret wine room that requires a few steps to open. 

The wine room can be found on the top floor of the Keep point of interest, which is hidden behind a closed shelf. Approaching the shelf will prompt a “Place Wine Bottle” message, hinting at what you’ll need to open the door. 

Screenshot via Activision
Screenshot via Activision

Players must find at least two wine bottles that spawn across the keep and surrounding area. There are multiple spots where the bottles can spawn, and some are easier to spot than others. For example, one bottle can be found in the church in the Terrace, while another can spawn on a shelf behind a door of one of the apartment buildings between the Terraces and Keep. Your best bet is landing at the southern edge of Terraces and sweeping the buildings going north until you reach the Keep. Other players will likely be hunting the same bottles, however, so prepare for a fight.

Once you have two bottles, head to the hidden door and place them on the shelf. This will open the secret room containing the Skal Crusher Throwing Axe, a gold-plated Riot Shield, and other high-tier loot worth grabbing. 

Avoid spending too much time looking for bottles, as other players can grab the loot while you’re searching. You can also camp at the entrance and wait for another player to open the door with bottles, capitalizing on their hard work as you reap the rewards.