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How to get Gold, Diamond, Atomic, and Dark Aether camos in Call of Duty: Vanguard

The grind begins.

A new Call of Duty has arrived, meaning the lengthy weapon camo grind is here once again.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer has three mastery camos to unlock and they’re similar to ones in previous games. There’s Gold, which sports your gun with a golden sheen, and then there’s Diamond, encrusting each weapon with a rhinestone appearance.

This year’s ultimate mastery camo for multiplayer is called Atomic, giving the gun a trippy, animated vibe, featuring a slew of funky and psychedelic colors. And like other mastery camos, this one will take a lot of patience and perseverance to unlock.

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Like in previous CoD games, the challenges to unlock camos are tied to the specific weapons and the class of weapon that it comes from. For example, if you want Gold, you need to complete all weapon camo challenges for that specific weapon.

Each gun has specific camo challenges for all of the camo categories. These categories include Pack Tactics, Surgical, Predatory Ambition, Reptilian, Deadeye, Berserker, Wildcat, Survivalist, Mindgames, Death Artist, and Completionist. Completionist is where the Gold, Diamond, and Atomic camos are.

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To unlock Diamond camos, a certain number of weapons in that same class must have Gold unlocked. That number will stay the same as even more guns are added to the game, so players can wait for a new gun to come out if they don’t want to unlock Gold for a certain weapon.

The numbers of Golds that must be unlocked for each class are as follows:

  • Assault rifles: Seven
  • Submachine guns: Six
  • Shotguns: Four
  • Light machine guns: Four
  • Marksman rifles: Three
  • Sniper rifles: Three
  • Primary melee: One
  • Pistols: Five
  • Launchers: Four
  • Secondary melee: One
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Atomic camo, like all other mastery camos that came before it, will take quite a while to unlock. To unlock Atomic, players must unlock the Diamond camo for all weapon classes. This means you’ll have to do all of the above challenges combined.

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The Zombies camos challenges are similar. All camo challenges must be completed for Golden Viper, then a certain number of Goldens for each weapon class must be done for Plague Diamond, and then all Plague Diamonds for all weapon classes are needed to unlock Dark Aether, the ultimate Zombies camo.

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