How to fix UI Error 10002 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Let's get you back to your squad.

Image via Activision

Each Call of Duty title goes through immense quality assurance stages. Considering there’s usually a beta period before each release, some fans expect there to be almost zero errors inside the game. That’s hardly the case, however, since bugs and errors will simply appear out of nowhere as developers continue to add new content to the game.

UI Error 10002 isn't a new error to CoD veterans since it was also present in Black Ops 4, which was released in 2018. While Activision never acknowledged the error, it continues to be a game-breaking bug since players can't continue to play until solving the error.

UI Error 10002 usually appears in multiplayer lobbies, especially Zombies, preventing players from queueing up for another match. The origins of the error are unknown and it seems to appear on a random basis. The error usually shows up after huge patches in terms of content and gets fixed relatively soon if it's an ongoing issue for many players.

Here's how you can fix UI Error 10002 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Restart your console/PC

Despite sounding elementary, restarting your console or PC is the ultimate fix to the UI Error 10002. A clean restart makes sure that there's nothing misbehaving in how your game communicates with your operating system, which seems to be the root of this error. 

An anomaly in your game's UI files usually triggers the UI Error 10002 and you simply restarting your game may not do the trick to fix it. Though there shouldn't be too much of a difference, most sources and users who've fixed the issue recommend waiting for at least 20 seconds before turning on your gaming device again.

Clean your console's cache or verify your game file's integrity

If a simple reset doesn't fix the UI Error 10002, there are a few more troubleshooting steps that you can try. A corrupted cache file can also easily cause this error, meaning cleaning it can let you get back to Black Ops Cold War as soon as possible.

You follow this guide to clean your cache on Xbox Series X/S or this one to do it on PS5. If you're on PC, the launcher should scan your in-game files automatically every time you start playing Black Ops Cold War.

If the launcher isn't detecting any errors and there aren't any updates waiting to be installed, you can try reinstalling Black Ops Cold War just to ensure everything is in excellent condition. This will be especially beneficial if you've moved your game files from a hard drive to SSD, or vice versa, since a file can easily get corrupted in the process.

Create a support ticket

When nothing else works to fix UI Error 10002, then it might be a decent idea to contact Activision through a support ticket or social media. Let them know of all the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far and provide screengrabs of you receiving the error if possible.

The support staff should get back to you with extra steps that you can try out to fix the problem or they may start researching to see if the error is affecting a majority of users.

In most cases, a small follow-up patch should roll out soon after the error resurfaces. You can follow community hubs like Reddit to see if other players experience similar errors, which can help you decide between applying all the troubleshooting steps or waiting for a follow-up patch.