How to fix the textures not loading in Call of Duty: Warzone: PS5, Xbox One/XS

Stranger Warzone.

Image via Activision

Warzone expands with every new major patch. From new guns to in-game elements, there will always be more to explore in Warzone, but a texture bug can ruin all of your plans.

Though the developers spend a decent amount of time making sure each patch ships without any bugs, anything can happen on live servers. If you suddenly start encountering textures that refuse to load, it makes Warzone unplayable until it gets fixed. In most cases, you’ll need to wait for a hotfix since such bugs and errors can be fixed for good by developers.

If you’d still like to have a go at fixing the textures not loading in Call of Duty: Warzone: PS5, Xbox One/XS, there’s a solution method you can apply.

How can you fix the textures not loading in Warzone on PS5, Xbox One/XS?

There isn’t a permanent fix you can apply right now, but turning off the “On-demand texture streaming” option allows players to fix the not loading textures on Warzone temporarily.

  • Launch Warzone.
  • Navigate to your in-game settings.
  • Select the Graphics tab.
  • Disable “On-demand texture streaming.”

If you start experiencing the error again, you’ll need to turn the feature back on and off again. Considering this seems to be affecting a decent portion of the player base, a fix shouldn’t be that far down the road.

When the patch rolls out, you can revert to your default settings.