How to find all Easter Eggs in Call of Duty: Vanguard Shi No Numa Zombies

The hunt's on.

Image via Activision

CoD fans are invited to a blast from the past since one of the most iconic Zombies maps in the franchise’s history has made its way to Vanguard as a remake.

CoD veterans will find themselves in a familiar setup, but there will still be new areas to explore. If you were looking for an excuse to explore the map, there are a few easter eggs hidden that gives players a second purpose to try it out.

Build the Wunderwaffe DG-2

The Wuderwaffe is one of the most powerful Wonder Weapons in the game, but it’ll take some effort to craft it. Though the steps required will be challenging and time-consuming, the sense of strength you’ll get after using the weapon will be unmatched.

  • Find the Weapon Barrel located in the Fishing Hut.
  • Go to the Comm Room Exterior and place the Weapon Barrel inside the electrical box near the main entrance.
  • After placing the Weapon Barrel, a defense challenge will start and you’ll need to protect the electric box from zombies.
  • Pick up the Weapon Barrel after defeating the zombies.
  • Make your way to the Comm Room and find the Charged Vacuum Tube.
  • Stay in the Comm Room and locate the Electrical Fuse, which will be under the table with a lamp.
  • Go to the Storage Room and wait for the Electrical Panel to open. When it does, place the Electric Fuse inside the box and reactivate it.
  • You’ll now need to advance until Round 15.
  • Keep an eye on Zaballa the Deceiver since you’ll need to lure her to the War Room when she shows up.
  • Ensure that her attacks hit the coil three times.
  • Once the coils are struck by Zaballa’s attacks three times, you’ll be able to pick up one more Charged Vacuum Tube, the final piece for the weapon.
  • After collecting all the parts, go to the Storage Hut and use the weapon workstation to craft the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

Find the three Cypher Wheel Parts and solve the puzzle

  • Visit Doctor’s Quarters, the Dig Site, and the Dormitory to collect the three Cypher Wheel Parts.
  • Once you gather all the pieces, you’ll need to start hunting the three symbols.
  • The three symbols can be found at the Dig Site, Comm Room, and the Excavation Room.
  • After securing all the symbols, return to Doctor’s Quarters to find the Cypher Key.
  • Find the paper on the Doctor’s desk and use an explosive on it.
  • Jot down the key and make your way to the Doctor’s Quarters Exterior.
  • Make a Boom Schreier close to the glowing stone pillar.
  • After the explosion, a device will appear and you’ll need to use it to decipher the symbols you’ve gathered so far.

The Ceremony

Performing the Ceremony will require some team effort since you’ll need to activate the new glowing statues at the same time as your teammates to start the Ceremony.

  • When the Ceremony starts, take down the zombies with blue auras, using your Wunderwaffe DG-2.
  • If you kill enough zombies, a cutscene will trigger.
  • Once the cutscene ends, there will be another round before you can return to the pillar.

Find the Relic Mirror Fragments and summon Echo

Before you summon Echo, you’ll need to visit an alternative realm.

  • Head to Flogger Courtyard and locate the trap that costs 750 points to activate
  • Once you activate the trap, you’ll need to focus on killing zombies with it. Each zombie killed will fill the drinking fountain that you’ll need to use.
  • Check the fountain and if there’s enough to drink, do so to enter the other realm.
  • Relic Mirror Fragment will be hidden in this realm. It’ll appear in a random spot in each match, so you’ll need to look around the map to find it.
  • After finding the first Relic Mirror Fragment, look for a red orb.
  • The red orb will start moving when players move into it and it will guide them to the second Relic Mirror Fragment.
  • After collecting the two Fragments, make your way to the Dig Site and place the Relic Mirror Fragments on the pedestal.
  • Interact with the podium, and once everybody does it at the same time, you’ll be able to find the blue orb to shoot it three times.
  • Return to the Dig Site after shooting the orb three times, and interact with the platform simultaneously as your teammates to summon Echo.

You’ll need to have the Wunderwaffe DG-2 with you to beat the Echo encounter since there will be quite a few blue-glowing Zombies.