How to earn the Call of Duty League knife blueprint in Modern Warfare and Warzone

There are lots of viewership rewards for watching the CDL Championship.

Image via Activision

The Call of Duty League’s Championship Weekend is rapidly approaching and only four teams remain.

The Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, and London Royal Ravens will fight it out for the grand prize of $1.5 million and the title of being the first CDL champions on Aug. 29 and 30.

CoD esports fans can be winners, too, thanks to some awesome viewership rewards, like the sleek, gold CDL knife blueprint. All you need to do is watch the matches to earn it, but there’s some account work that needs to be done beforehand.

Here’s what you need to do to activate viewership rewards for the CDL Championship Weekend.

How to earn the CDL knife blueprint

Image via Activision

The knife blueprint is one of many rewards that can be earned for watching the CDL Championship Weekend, but it’s arguably the coolest.

First, you must create an Activision account and sign in on the CDL website or the CoD companion app. Then, you can link your account to a PlayStation, Xbox, or account. After that, all you need to do is watch the weekend’s matches on the CDL website or the CoD companion app to earn the rewards.

Here’s a full list of the rewards for the weekend:

  • CDL Champs Knife Blueprint: unlocks after 30 minutes on Sunday
  • Glory Isn’t Given Emblem: unlocks after 15 minutes over the weekend
  • Glory Isn’t Given Sticker: unlocks after 30 minutes over the weekend
  • Glory Isn’t Given Spray: unlocks after one hour over the weekend
  • Atlanta FaZe Player Card: unlocks after 1.5 hours over the weekend
  • Dallas Empire Player Card: unlocks after two hours over the weekend
  • Chicago Huntsmen Player Card: unlocks after 2.5 hours over the weekend
  • London Royal Ravens Player Card: unlocks after three hours over the weekend
  • Glory Isn’t Given Player Card: unlocks after four hours over the weekend
  • CDL Champs Pack codes: Dropping randomly throughout Saturday’s matches
  • Unannounced drop codes: Dropping randomly throughout Sunday’s matches

More information about viewership rewards can be found on the CDL website.