How to earn SR for ranked play in Warzone 2

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If you and your teammates are Warzone 2 connoisseurs who have been waiting for a chance to test your mettle against the best players in the world, Modern Warfare 2‘s upcoming Season Three Reloaded update will finally be bringing ranked play for the popular battle royale mode.

Soldiers who frequent the arid sands of Al Mazrah now have the ability to climb skill divisions and earn their well-earned ranked badge as they battle to become the last squad standing in their games. But those who compete in ranked play will quickly realize that it’ll take more than wins to gain SR in this new mode.

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There are multiple different ways to gain SR that will affect the way you play your games out, depending on how quickly you’d like to jump from division to division.

Earning SR in Warzone 2 ranked, explained

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If you wish to make the most out of every ranked Warzone 2 match you play, you’ll have to get a bit more active on the battlefield. Players can gain SR by earning kills and assists, and the amount of SR gained will change depending on how many squads are remaining in the game.

For example, kills and assists will only give you five SR if there are 50 to 21 squads standing in the match, while a kill or assist during the mid-game with 20 to four squads remaining will get you seven SR. Finally, kills and assists when you’re in the top three of the lobby will get you 15 SR each.

Your placement will also give you a certain amount of SR:

  • Top 40: Five SR
  • Top 30: 10 SR
  • Top 20: 20 SR
  • Top 10: 30 SR
  • Top five: 45 SR
  • Third place: 60 SR
  • Second place: 80 SR
  • First place: 100 SR

Players might be encouraged to play safer so they can go for a top-three finish, but other teams might be a bit more bloodthirsty and focused on racking up SR through eliminations. The best teams, however, will combine both kill and assists counts with high placements, giving them the highest amount of SR possible.

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You’ll need to find this happy medium eventually, especially if you start to enter higher skill divisions where the SR deployment fees are larger. With higher deployment fees, teams will be incentivized to play a lot more aggressively so they can gain enough of an SR profit for that specific game.


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