How to access the Modern Warfare 2 beta on Steam

Get to blasting on PC.

Image via Activision

After three years, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived for all platforms. This means that if you’re gaming on PC, you’ll be able to download the open beta for the long-awaited first-person shooter on Steam.

For PC users, open beta early access is from Thursday, Sept. 22 to Friday, Sept. 23. Open beta access will, however, be available for all Steam players from Saturday, Sept. 24 to Monday, Sept. 26. But how do Steam users access this beta through the client?

How to access the Modern Warfare 2 beta on Steam

If you want to jump into the action, whether it’s through early access or with the rest of the player base, you’ll need to head over to the Steam Store and download the free open beta version of the game.

Make sure that you aren’t on the regular Modern Warfare 2‘s store page—the open beta should be free to download, but if you’re trying to join the battle with early access, you’ll have to pre-order the game before getting access.

For those who aren’t looking to play the beta early, you can simply wait another day so that the beta opens up for all players. You won’t be able to download the game’s beta until Saturday, though.