How long does it take to beat the campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare contains 14 missions and and 15 cinematic sequences.

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continues the trend of single-player campaigns since CoD: Black Ops 4 removed the game mode entirely. The gripping and realistic campaign is one of the darkest in CoD’s history, but it can be completed relatively quickly. 

The campaign contains 14 linear missions, which is relatively average for a CoD game. But each mission is somewhat short with minimal cutscenes. The game wedges several story arcs between each mission, making the campaign longer. 

There’s 15 cinematic sequences across the entire campaign, each of which spans a couple of minutes. The cinematics are detailed and hyper-realistic, partly due to Modern Warfare’s new engine. 

Overall, the campaign can be beaten within six hours on the lowest difficulty, Recruit. But it can take up to seven or eight hours if players endure the hardest difficulty, Realism. In comparison with other Modern Warfare titles, this game is relatively long. 

Without spoiling the story, players will spend the majority of their time in Urzikstan, fighting the international terrorist group Al-Qatala. Leading rebel soldiers Farah and her brother Hadir are assisted by Captain Price, and his newest comrades, SAS soldier Kyle Garrick and Alex. 

The campaign is filled with suspense, real-world gore, psychological trauma, and complex villains, portraying an extremely realistic war-time story. 

After completion of the campaign, the cinematics and story missions are both replayable. But, players cannot play the missions on a different difficulty unless they start a new game.