Here’s what happens when you prestige in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

This guide will tell you how to prestige and what you earn when you do it.

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Prestiging is a common feature in Call of Duty multiplayer—and that definitely hasn’t changed in Black Ops 4

When you reach the max level in multiplayer, you can prestige to reset your rank and go through the level progression again. But in each Call of Duty title, the level at which you prestige and the rewards you unlock vary.

This guide will tell you how to prestige in Black Ops 4, as well as what you unlock in the process.

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The way to prestige in Black Ops 4 is a lot simpler than the same process in other Call of Duty titles, like WWII.

In order to prestige in Black Ops 4, you must first reach the max multiplayer level, which is 55. If you click the “Menu” button (Options on PS4) in multiplayer once you’ve reached level 55, you’ll notice that it says “Prestige mode available” in the middle of your screen.

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Once you’ve clicked this, it’ll take you to the “Progress and unlocks” screen. You’ll then need to hit “Enter prestige mode,” which is located in the top right corner of your screen.

A screen will then appear in-game that shows you everything that will happen if you decide to prestige. Then, simply hit “Enter prestige” and your rank will be reset.

But what else happens when you prestige?

First, you’ll receive a permanent unlock token, which, as the name suggests, will allow you to permanently unlock any multiplayer item in the game. Prestiging will also grant you a new custom class slot, a calling card, and it’ll unlock unique rewards and challenges only available to those who prestige.

Unlike some previous Call of Duty titles, you’ll keep a lot of your multiplayer progress when prestiging in Black Ops 4. Even though you’ll obviously be reset back to level one, you’ll get to keep your progress toward weapon levels, challenges, and any camos or customizations that you’ve earned so far in Black Ops 4.

This is great news for anyone who’s on the fence about prestiging in Black Ops 4. In previous Call of Duty titles, players would lose their camos and challenge progression when prestiging—so that was a huge reason why some people wouldn’t prestige.

Once you’ve completed the prestige process, it’s time to return to the lobby and start playing multiplayer so you can level up to prestige once again.