Ghost could return to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in season 2

What the hell kind of name is Ghost?

Image via Activision

Call of Duty players are gearing up for the next season of Modern Warfare and a familiar face seems set to return. 

Simon “Ghost” Riley, one of the prolific protagonists from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, could be returning to the franchise in Modern Warfare. Earlier today, Infinity Ward teased season two with a video displaying a login console with decrypted objectives. This selected objective is spearheaded and later confirmed by Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley. 

Ghost’s iconic balaclava can be seen later in the trailer, which means he might be coming to Modern Warfare on Feb. 11 alongside the release of season two. Infinity Ward didn’t provide details on Ghost’s role in Modern Warfare, however.

This isn’t all that was shown off in the trailer, either. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted Rust, one of the most popular maps from Modern Warfare 2, in the objective portion of the trailer. Furthermore, the trailer itself displayed “Maps” as a selectable option, suggesting that additional maps could be coming in the future. This has caused several fans to speculate that the iconic map may make its return in season two. 

Although Ghost died in Modern Warfare 2 at the hands of Lieutenant General Shepard, Infinity Ward has made it clear that Modern Warfare doesn’t exist in the same timeline as the previous series.

Considering Infinity Ward is likely adding content from each Modern Warfare game, players could expect other items, maps, and guns from Modern Warfare 2 to be added in season two.