2 September 2013 - 19:03

Gfinity 2: Final 3 Teams Invited

The first 3 teams are invited for G2 find out now!
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With the final reveal of teams for Gfinity 2 a lot of the NA based fans wanted to see their best teams teams get invited, Gfinity did not disappoint on this occasion and have invited OpTic, EnvyUs & Unite.NA.

Open Spots

With 13 teams invited to participate this leaves 3 more spots for teams to get. Two of these spots will be obtained through a tournament

- The first tournament will be a 128 spot online qualifier hosted by the Warped Gaming League.

- The second tournament will be a 4 team tournament, this will take place on September the 8th and will consist of

- Dominance


- Horizon (Horizon will have Monksy standing in for McGee during this tournament, if they qualify McGee will take the spot)

- Expectation

- The final spot will be a "surprise" so this should be very interesting.

Invited Teams

These are the teams that have been invited:

- OpTic Gaming - JKap, Nadeshot, BigTymer, Scump

- Team EnvyUs - Karma, Proofy, Rambo, Merk

- Unite.NA - Nameless, Parasite, Mboze, Ricky

- Team Infused - Jake, Bissell, XLNC (Replacing Joshh for this event), VintaGe

- Epsilon eSports - Gunshy (Replacing Madcat for this event) Jurd, Swanny, ShAnE

- Curse NA - CMPLX, Twizz, BlFire (4th has yet to be chosen for Curse)

- Complexity - Teepee, Aches, Crimsix, Clayster

- Millenium - Krnage, Tommey, Riskin, mAxxie

- Team Kaliber  - Sharp, Stainville (Pickup) Theory, Neslo

- Vitality - Gotaga, Broken, Agonie, AzoX

- Ozone Giants - Lgend, JayyZ, SeTeR0, TojoR

- TCM Gaming - Flux, Rich, Moose, MarkyB

- Inferno eSports - Donnyy, Kolgaa, Lukee, Pow3R


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