GameBattles Announces More 2Ks with Cash Prizes

GameBattles will host 2K tournaments in all regions until the end of July. Each now comes with a cash prize pool.

Players in all three regions now have a lot more to look forward to thanks to GameBattles’ announcement of more free-to-enter 2K tournaments and the addition of prize pools.

The beginning of 2017 has been ripe with Call of Duty esports news. A handful of new LAN events and 2K tournaments have been announced for the Infinite Warfare season, revealing the new structure for the Call of Duty World League. Yesterday, GameBattles increased the number of 2K tournaments on the schedule, extending them all the way until the end of July. Click here for the full schedule.

North America and Europe will both have 14 new 2K tournaments, while APAC will have 10. The tournaments are free-to-enter but feature prize pools (North America: $3,000, Europe: $2,500, APAC: $500). 2K tournaments played up until now did not have prize pools.

With 2K tournaments nearly every weekend, top teams competing in the Call of Duty World League (CWL) will no longer have to rely solely on the GameBattles CWL ladder to gain pro points, which are used for seeding purposes in all CWL competitions.

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Photo credits: GameBattles