Future Call of Duty: Modern Warfare updates will tweak spawns, the FAL, and footstep audio

Today's update was just the beginning.

Image via Activision

This morning’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update introduced numerous changes to the game, but there are more still to come, according to developer Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot teased further upcoming changes on Twitter this afternoon—and it’s enough to get CoD players excited.

Cecot confirmed that further changes will include updates to spawns, an overhaul of footstep audio for aiming down sight and crouch movement, and more weapon updates. Cecot specifically mentioned the FAL assault rifle, which many players have been complaining is too weak.

Today’s update made major changes to weapons, like the powerful M4A1 and 725, but clearly, Infinity Ward thinks there’s more work to be done. Spawns are still problematic at times and footstep audio is better after today’s update, but still needs some more work.

Cecot didn’t mention a release window for the update, but given how quickly and how often Infinity Ward has updated CoD: MW, players can expect it sometime in the coming days and weeks.