EGL11: Announcement

ESN brings you the latest from the EGL!

The European Gaming League have been renowned for their premium Call of Duty events, which have defined Europe’s finest talent over recent years.

Further to previous events’ success, the EGL have recently released information regarding their 11th event… The final Black Ops 2 tournament of the EGL circuit, is set to be held in the heart of England. Scheduled to take place on October 26th-27th, EGL11 will be staged at the London Trocadero, in London’s West End. Alongside Black Ops 2, there will be a FIFA 14 tournament, with neither having a set prize pool as of yet.

We managed to catch-up with EGL’s Director of Operations, Chris “Mellow” Marsh, to gather his thoughts:

>[Mellow]( “For our final event on Black Ops 2, we’re heading to the capital of England for only the second time in EGL history. The venue is a blank canvas right now and we’re hoping to deliver our best event yet in such a diverse space. The event will be held in the heart of London making travel from Mainland Europe and beyond easier than ever! We’re hoping to give Black Ops 2 the send-off it deserves with an EGL event to remember.”


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