Dr Disrespect challenged Scump to get a nuke in Call of Duty: Vanguard’s beta—and he did it in just one game

It was the stuff of legend.

Photo via ©2021 Call of Duty League

Every once in a while, two of gaming’s great personalities collide for a truly epic moment. Last night led to one of those moments on both Twitter and Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Like many gamers—around 10,000 or so—Dr Disrespect was watching Scump dominate matches in the Vanguard beta late last night. The CDL star and CoD legend was making it look easy, so Doc issued a challenge to the Ginja Ninja.

“I’m issuing an official #DocChallenge to @scump right now,” The Doc said on Twitter, and Scump’s chat immediately notified the pro. “Hey Scump, get a NUKE within the next 5 games on Vanguard, I’m sending you a rare, fully framed, signed Doc vest. Value = Unlimited. You accept?”

Of course, Scump accepted, having already achieved a V2 Rocket on the day. The V2 is Vanguard’s version of the Tactical Nuke killstreak, which blows up the map and ends the game after getting 25 consecutive kills with a gun without dying.

Having already started a game on the Eagle’s Nest map, Scump played it out and began to focus, mowing enemies down with his favorite MP-40 build on the new Patrol game mode. And within minutes, the V2 was achieved.

Landing 25 gun kills in a row is no small feat. V2 Rockets are difficult to get, but Scump made it look easy, rotating around the outskirts of the map and cutting enemies off from the objective by melting them swiftly with his SMG.

“Fuck,” Doc said in response to the feat. “Never doubt the [King]. Challenge finished, first game. Congrats Scump. This baby is on its way!”

The vest is probably at least worth some monetary value, but the true value for Scump is the memory of standing up to the challenge and proving that he is, indeed, still the king. The rest of the CDL should take note.