Does Call of Duty Vanguard have crossplay?

How could it be otherwise?

Image via Activision

It’s once again that time of the year for Call of Duty fans. This time around, Sledgehammer Games is looking to send the players on a journey to the second World War in Vanguard. While the story mode looks to be intriguing based on the trailers, it’s almost half of what every CoD game is around.

The competitive side of the player base will have their eyes set on the new multiplayer mode, and ones with friends separated over to multiple platforms may wonder whether this year’s titles will be crossplay compatible.

Vanguard will be fully crossplay and cross-generational compatible. This means that not only will you be able to team up with your teams on PC as a console player, but you’ll also be able to invite friends over from older generations of consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This has been the standard for a while with the series and it’s no surprise that it continues to stay as one of CoD’s pillars.

Players will also be able to switch platforms while carrying over their progress. If you switch over to PC as a console player, all of your progression will be there and the same applies to the other way around. 

The post-launch season is looking to shape up to be relatively exciting for CoD players as the developer has plans to introduce new Multiplayer and Zombies maps/modes. Seasonal events and community celebrations will also be on the horizon, which will all be more fun with friends, thus marking the importance of Vanguard’s cross-play compatibility.

The Battle Pass system will also be there and players will be able to unlock all the additional content with squads consistent of players from all platforms that Vanguard is available on.

Vanguard is set for a Nov. 5 release, but players who can’t wait to jump right into the action can try to join the beta.