Denial eSports: The Story of World Champions

The story of four left-to-dry players that proved to the world they have what it takes to be the best.

As the 2015 Call of Duty Championship has come to an end, a new team has been crowned the best in the world. Denial eSports won the grand final in a hard fought series against the Cinderella story, Team Revenge. Denial was predicted by many to be in the top three, and they proved everyone they had what it takes to win it all.

Denial’s roster was accumulated through trades and not many people expected it to last. Some were worried that the personalities of the players would not mesh well together. In the end, the unique squad proved to everyone that it takes hard work, dedication, and teamwork to be the best.

James “Clayster” Eubanks, who is without a doubt one of the best players in Call of Duty, was dropped from OpTic Gaming before Advanced Warfare was released. He ended up on Team EnVy for Pro League Season 1, but after the playoffs, he was traded to Denial.

After being doubted and left in the dirt endless times leading up to the biggest event of the year, he found the right team that fit his needs to become a world champion, the last major accolade he needed to acquire as a veteran in the community.

Jordan “JKap” Kaplan has been competing since the birth of Call of Duty eSports. Balancing college classes, league matches, and practice, he manages to still be a top player on the pro circuit. Placing second at CoD Champs last year, JKap was finally able to hoist up the trophy, as well as the whopping $400,000 check. He was also on Team EnVy for Season 1, which gave him and Clayster the upper hand on chemistry when they both were traded over to Denial for Season 2.

Chris “Replays” Crowder, another veteran Call of Duty player, has been with Denial since Call of Duty: Ghosts. After many different rosters, it seemed to work out for him this weekend. This was Replays’ first time in the grand final of CoD Champs, and he wanted to make sure he came out of that booth a world champion. One of the more mature and respectable players in the community, Replays deserved the win just as much as anyone.

Dillon “Attach” Price, the youngest player on the team, is still in high school at the age of 18. For the first ever Call of Duty Championship he has attended, he ended up winning it all with his team. Being a huge factor to Denial’s success this weekend, he wanted to win this more than anything. His family was at the venue watching every match he played and supporting him to make it to the final and become a world champion. He’s going back to school 100K richer.

These four players came together and played the best tournament of their lives. Clayster, once again, ended up having the highest K/D at the tournament. Attach came up clutch for his team and was right behind Clayster in the slaying category. JKap’s expertise and knowledge of the game proved to be crucial. And the objective work of Replays was second to none.

They get to head home feeling like they’re on the top of the world. While the money is certainly nice, they get the bragging rights to call themselves World Champions, and they have the rings and trophy to prove it. This is something that they will never forget for the the rest of their lives.