OpTic Gaming fall to Tainted Minds, compLexity defeat Rise Nation in an upset-heavy day at the CWL Pro League

While some struggled, eUnited continued their win streak.

Photo via MLG

It was a rough day at the CWL Pro League for some of the top Call of Duty teams in the world.

OpTic Gaming and Rise Nation both dropped a match today, losing to Tainted Minds and compLexity respectively. While not being able to win a map in the series was bad for Rise, OpTic’s loss to the previously-winless Australian team comes out as much worse.

The series didn’t start off very well for OpTic. Dropping the first map, Gibraltar Hardpoint, by 12 points was a shock, but they were able to bounce back. In the second map, OpTic showed their power, winning London Docks Search and Destroy in convincing fashion.

Game three looked like it was going the same way, with OpTic taking a 5-1 lead into the half. The Green Wall crumbled, though, allowing five unanswered flag captures in the second half to give way for one of the craziest comebacks in Call of Duty history.

Although Tainted Minds’ CTF victory felt definite and like the end of a series, the Australians still had work to do to secure their first win of Stage Two. And with their embarrassing 250-49 loss on London Docks Hardpoint, Tainted Minds needed a fifth and final game to decide the series.

Heading into Sainte Marie du Mont Search and Destroy, not many believed Tainted Minds would pull off an upset. Their Search and Destroy play had been shaky at best in Stage Two, and while OpTic haven’t been a stellar team in the game mode either, they were consistently better than their Oceanic counterparts.

Unfortunately for the Green Wall, Tainted Minds came to play. Despite Anthony “Methodz” Zinni’s 12 kills, the Australians’ teamwork proved to be the difference. Their positioning led to quick and effective trades, putting them in the right places to pick up crucial kills.

Although they fell to Tainted Minds in their first match of the day, OpTic rebounded and defeated compLexity in a five-game duel to split their Wednesday matches. UNILAD lost their showdown with a red-hot eUnited squad, while Luminosity took out Mindfreak in four tight games.

Here are the standings in Division B of the CWL Pro League (each team’s series record is followed by their map count in parentheses).


1) Rise Nation: 7-3 (25-14)

2) OpTic Gaming: 7-3 (24-14)

3) eUnited: 6-3 (24-16)

4) UNILAD: 6-3 (20-17)

5) compLexity: 5-5 (18-21)

6) Luminosity: 4-5 (19-18)

7) Mindfreak: 2-7 (13-25)

8) Tainted Minds: 1-9 (11-29)

Division B will close out the week tomorrow, July 12. Rise Nation will look to find their groove again as they face Mindfreak in the opening match at 1pm CT.