Ghost Gaming beat Evil Geniuses to win the seventh CWL Pro League Challenge

This is the organization's second CWL Pro League Challenge victory.

Photo via MLG

Ghost Gaming just became the first team to emerge victorious in multiple Call of Duty World League Pro League Challenges.

Andres Lacefield, Adam “GodRx” Brown, Casey “Pandur” Romano, and Christopher “Parasite” Duarte took down Evil Geniuses earlier tonight to win the small online tournament.

Ghost Gaming dominated an amateur team called BABES to reach the finals, including an 8-0 victory on London Docks Capture the Flag. Evil Geniuses then followed suit by sweeping Splyce—and they one-upped Ghost by beating the Europeans 13-1 on London Docks CTF.

The grand finals began with a back-and-forth Sainte Marie du Mont Hardpoint that Evil Geniuses eventually won 250-233. Adam “Assault” Garcia led the lobby at 31/12, while Patrick “ACHES” Price also contributed 27 kills.

Ghost Gaming immediately responded, however, by taking London Docks Search and Destroy 6-4 thanks to a 15-kill performance by Lacefield. Parasite and crew then took the series lead after winning an extremely long Flak Tower Capture the Flag 2-1.

With a 2-1 advantage in the matchup, Ghost closed the door on EG with a 250-179 victory on Gibraltar Hardpoint—Pandur went 31/18 in the series-clinching map, while Parasite chipped in with 28 kills.

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Along with securing the $1,500 first-place prize, Ghost Gaming is officially the first organization to win more than one CWL Pro League Challenge—Ghost also took home the title on Feb. 26 with a slightly different lineup.

Although Ghost Gaming aren’t in the CWL Pro League, Evil Geniuses will be back in action when Stage Two resumes tomorrow (Tuesday, July 3). Their first match of week six will be against FaZe Clan around 5:30pm CT.