Crimsix, DougisRaw, and TeePee finish Warzone match with 55 kills

That's a third of the lobby.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty‘s newest battle royale game, Warzone, just released to the public a couple of days ago, and some pros are already setting some incredible kill records on the board.

One of the most recent examples was Dallas Empire’s Crimsix, Dougisraw, and TeePee recently put up a Warzone match win with 55 team kills.

By killing just over a third of the lobby, this team has already posted one of the highest kill counts of any three-man squad in the world. It’s hard enough to win a match with 150 players in it, but getting this many kills is unheard of.

Crimsix has been in the professional Call of Duty scene for a while now—the 26-year old has won more tournament titles than anyone in CoD history, and is now playing for Dallas as their main AR.

He finished the game with 29 kills for himself, along with almost 10,000 damage to boot. Meanwhile, DougisRaw collected 17 kills and TeePee had a modest nine kills to his name.

Another team that came close to that number was the trio of TSM’s Colton “Viss” Visser, Jesse “Kraftyy” Kraft, and Rogue’s Jordan “HusKers” Thomas. That team was able to lock in 51 team kills, with HusKers collecting an impressive 27 kills to his name.

Unfortunately for both these teams, the current known record for kills in a single Warzone match still belongs to TMemory, who is a streamer from the United Kingdom. He was able to secure 57 kills, with double-digit kills spread among the three players.