Connection Issues Mar Week 2 of the CWL

DDOSers ruined the last MLG Pro League, but the Call of Duty World League is experiencing a whole new problem.

Image via Activision

DDOSers ruined the last MLG Pro League, but the Call of Duty World League is experiencing a whole new problem. 

Since the latest patch, many players are reporting connections issues on Black Ops 3, but it is especially noticeable in the Call of Duty World League matches. Players have been experiencing a strong lag and are sometimes completely being kicked out of their games. The issues were especially noticeable during the OpTic Gaming vs. H2k matchup yesterday when Formal had issues every map. The players on OpTic have, by far, the largest social media reach and were openly complaining about the issues to their fans. They apparently asked to forfeit their match instead of playing it out 3 vs. 4, but the request was denied.

“If this game is not played we will be issuing penalties,” was the response Crimsix reportedly received from league officials. OpTic eventually took the loss, giving them as many losses as they had in the entirety of Stage 1 (2).

Other matches experienced issues as well. Clayster posted the following video from his perspective in Faze’s loss to Dream Team:

At first, players thought that maybe there were DDoSers ruining the day once again, but once more players began reporting the same issues, it became clear that the game or Playstation servers were responsible. Crimsix later pleaded, “If anyone knows how to fix the connection interrupted/frame drop in BO3, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP.”

The problems have continued into day 2 of week 2, but matches are still being played out even when players are kicked from the game. Still, there has been no official word from Activision or Treyarch, but the Call of Duty World League has made it clear that they are aware at least.

League Operations Manager, Everett “Small” Coleman, stated in a tweet, “We’re working hard to identify the cause of these issues. We’ll continue to review and make decisions to protect the integrity of the CWL.”

However, some players have not had problems at all. Dedo seems to think that the CWL matches are a special case due to the fact that casters are in the game lobby as well.

“I’ve been scrimming these past few days and not once have I had lag out issues. It’s got to be because all the people spectating the match,” he said.

Edit: Dedo eventually ran into the lag issue in his own games, saying, “Well, at 2:20am and after 3 days of straight grinding CoD, I finally had the lag out issue happen to my teammate and myself. It’s trash.”

Many players and fans are calling for matches to be postponed, but this idea has not been replicated by the CWL . For the sake of competitive play, a fix must be made soon.