Call of Duty: Warzone season 2 introduces new weapons, equipment, locations, and more

A massive update is coming.

Image via Activision

Season two of Call of Duty: Warzone is introducing dozens of changes and free content next week that will significantly impact the game.

Players can expect new Nebula V ammo and equipment that can turn the tide of a fight, alongside dangers like the Armored Transport Trucks and Bomber Planes. 

Season two is introducing Nebula V, Redeploy Balloons, and other features to Warzone. The Nebula V ammo is a new Field Upgrade that causes downed enemies to emit a poisonous gas cloud. Players attempting to revive this player will suffer the same effects if they’re in the circle and the gas will damage their health or gas mask. This new Field Upgrade only grants one clip of Nebula V ammo, but it can still have devastating effects. 

Players can also find the new Nebula V Bomb, which is set to be one of the rarest items in Warzone. This briefcase is full of gas and armed with an explosive charge. Once players activate the device, it can’t be stopped and deals significant damage to a small area before releasing deadly gas. This gas harms any players caught in it, acting like a smaller version of the closing circle. The gas disappears after two minutes but is still more than enough to significantly change the outcome of a match. 

Season two isn’t just introducing new deadly contraptions, though. It’s also bringing in the new Portable Decontamination Station Field Upgrade. This device protects players from the Nebula V gas or the circle for several seconds, but all players can see where the device is activated on their map. The P.D.S can be destroyed, so think twice before deploying it in an open area. 

Players will also encounter new Armored Transport Trucks, which roam the map on a set path, attacking players in the vicinity. The trucks drop mines behind them and call in airstrikes when severely damaged. Taking on these powerful enemies can be worth it, however, since rare items drop when they’re destroyed. 

Season two is introducing new points of interest as well, including a Chemical Factory and Underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs. The Chemical Factory replaces the refinery between the Mines and Docks and features new interior spaces. The new underground labs are scattered around Caldera and feature rare items and weapons.

A new Bomber Plane will also be available in season two. This new aerial vehicle can devastate players and vehicles on land, and can even destroy Loadout Drops. But it’s also vulnerable against Fighter Planes, so use it with caution. Players will even be able to redeploy across the map with the Redeploy Ballon, allowing them to traverse large areas quickly. The balloons can be destroyed, but players can spend cash to inflate them. 

Two new modes are coming in season two: Caldera Clash and Rebirth Iron Trials. Caldera Clash pits two teams of 48 players against each other as they earn points by killing opponents. The mode features “wild events and power-ups,” so expect an exciting and stressful experience. 

Rebirth Iron Trials is “built for the most hardcore members” of the CoD community. This mode features a specific set of weapons from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, rule changes, and an increased time-to-kill. This duos mode features 20 squads of two and winning in this mode rewards players with an animated calling card. 

Fans can expect more information about season two throughout the next week. The Gas Mask will also no longer interrupt operators aiming down sight, removing one of the biggest complaints in Warzone

Season two of Call of Duty: Warzone will be available for download on Feb. 14 at 11am CT.