Call of Duty: Warzone March 3 patch reverts suppressors to previous, strong state

Agency Suppressors are back on top.

Image via Activision

A new, small Call of Duty: Warzone patch has been released to fix suppressors.

This change reverts another change that weakened the suppressors, now bringing them back “to their former glory,” according to Raven Software.

The Agency Silencer on the Black Ops Cold War AUG, for example, now offers buffs to sound suppression, vertical recoil control, bullet velocity, and effective damage range, while only negating aim down sight speed and aiming stability.

This obviously makes these attachments quite strong, especially in Warzone, where sound suppression is a bigger deal than it might be in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

Certain Black Ops Cold War gun attachments have been performing poorly or had their descriptions listed incorrectly since the guns were added in December. This change now immediately moves certain suppressors to the front of the meta.

The full, small list of patch notes can be found below:

Warzone March 3 patch notes:

  • Agency/GRU/Wrapped Suppressors have been reverted to their previous state.
  • Fourth Operator Mission for Baker with objective to eliminate 15 enemies using a weapon with an attached 2x magnified scope or greater now tracks correctly.
  • Small updates to various UI elements such as icons, store bundles, player level up, among others.