Call of Duty: Vanguard’s latest update seemingly increases Glide Bomb to 7 killstreak with CDL rules enabled

This change wasn't spelled out in the patch notes.

Image via Activision

A new update is now live in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and arguably one of the biggest changes for competitive players wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

Today’s minor update ushered in a handful of bug fixes, a couple of shotgun nerfs, and a few adjustments to the in-game Call of Duty League settings. But soon after the update dropped, players noticed that the number of kills listed in the pre-game menu as the requirement to get a Glide Bomb killstreak in the CDL ruleset for custom games was increased, despite Sledgehammer not saying this in the official patch notes.

If you load up Vanguard and try to edit your killstreaks for public multiplayer, the Glide Bomb still appears to require only five kills to be obtained. But if you go into a private match and set the game mode to CDL Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, or Control and then check your killstreaks, the Glide Bomb will be listed as a seven-streak.

It’s unclear at this time if this is an intended change since the increase in the number of kills to unlock a Glide Bomb in a CDL game mode wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes. And despite showing as a seven-killstreak in the pre-game menu, when you load into a game with CDL rules enabled right now, it still only takes five kills to unlock the streak.

The patch notes also say that “All Killstreaks, except Artillery Strike and Cruise Missile, are restricted and not able to be used while in Ranked matches.” But if you’re in a custom game on Vanguard with a CDL mode enabled, the only two streaks that are allowed right now are the Strafing Run and Glide Bomb. Artillery Strike and Cruise Missle are not the names of any killstreaks available in Vanguard.

This update did restrict the Bombing Run killstreak, though, in CDL modes. Incendiary Grenades have been banned, while FMJ Rounds were taken off the restricted list used for CDL custom games.

Here are the Jan. 20 patch notes for Vanguard.


Bug fixes

  • Weapons
    • Longshots now count when achieved through Incendiary Round’s damage over time.
    • When previewing the Welgun after unlocking Challenges in Multiplayer, the Welgun is no longer missing challenge details.
    • Corrected unintended behavior with Buck and Slug, which resulted in players getting headshot bonuses when shooting limbs.
  • Perks
    • Players with the Fortified Perk are no longer immune to any fire damage including Flamenaut and Incendiary Grenade.
  • Killstreaks
    • Fixed an issue where some players would not retain their Killstreaks in between rounds.
    • Users can no longer gain infinite ammo with a Killstreak bug exploit.

Weapon balancing

  • Shotguns
    • Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun
      • Damage has been reduced.
  • Attachments
    • Buck and Slug
      • Range has been reduced.

Adjusted CDL recipes with the following:

  • Match start timer is now 30 seconds.
  • Removed FMJ from Restricted List.
  • Respawn Delay Timer set to 3.5 seconds.
  • Suicide Respawn Delay Timer set to 4.5 seconds.
  • Added Incendiary Grenades to Restricted List.
  • Added Bombing Run to Restricted List.
  • All Killstreaks, except Artillery Strike and Cruise Missile, are restricted and not able to be used while in Ranked matches.


  • Artifacts
    • Addressed an issue that could occasionally prevent the player’s Artifact from working properly after using a Self-Revive.
  • Support
    • Addressed an issue where Support weapons could provide infinite ammo.