CoD Champs 2014: European Championship Recap

Thirteen European teams punched their tickets to Los Angeles this weekend.

With the Call of Duty Championship just over three weeks away, 26 of the best European Teams fought to get their spot in the $1 Million Tournament.

With only 13 teams able to advance, one Best-of-5 was all that stood between them and Los Angeles, California.

The following teams advanced and have secured themselves a spot in the biggest tournament of the year.

– TCM Gaming

– Epsilon eSports

– Orbit.UK

– TEC.Intensity

– Vitality.Rises

– Vitality.Returns

– SK Gaming

– KillerFish eSports

– All Stars

– Reign Mix

– Sublime T1

– Ozone Giants

– Lightning Pandas

With their spots being secured, Championship Sunday was based around seeding and the chance to win 15,000 Euros as well as being crowned the European Champions.

This is a walk through of all matches that took place on Championship Sunday:

Round 1

Reign Mix vs Sublime

Sublime 3-1

KillerFish vs All Stars

All stars 3-1

Vitality.Rises vs Orbit.UK

Vitality Rises 3-1

TEC.Intensity vs Vitality.Returns

TEC.Intensity 3-1

Lightning Pandas vs Wizards

Lightning Pandas 3-2

Round 2: Quarter Finals

Epsilon eSports vs Sublime

Sublime forfeited due to player absence

All Stars vs Vitality.Rises

Vitality.Rises 3-1

SK Gaming vs TEC.Intensity

TEC.Intensity 3-1

TCM Gaming vs Lightning Pandas

TCM Gaming 3-0

Round 3: Semi-Finals

Epsilon eSports vs Vitality.Rises

Epsilon eSports 3-2

TCM Gaming vs TEC.Intensity

TCM Gaming 3-0


Epsilon eSports vs TCM Gaming

– Domination Sovereign – TCM

– Search and Destroy Freight – TCM

– Blitz Warhawk – Epsilon

– Domination Strikezone – TCM

TCM Gaming defeated Epsilon eSports 3-1 in the Grand Finals of the European Championship to secure themselves 15,000 Euros, four trophies and the accomplishment of being the 2014 Call of Duty European Champions.

Which EU team do you think will perform best at CoD Champs? Let us know in the comments below.

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