Call of Duty 2022 is reportedly a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, includes a new Warzone map

Captain Price, Ghost, and Soap could be returning soon.

Image via Activision

Next year’s Call of Duty title will be a direct sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare, according to a report by VGC’s Tom Henderson.

The prolific CoD leaker posted a full report on what the sequel could contain, including details on the campaign, its integration into the hugely popular battle royale Warzone, and a third unannounced game mode similar to Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone.

The biggest news in the report is about Warzone and a potential all-new map coming to the game. Vanguard will add a new map, Caldera, with the Warzone Pacific update later this year. And it appears that 2022’s title could do the same.

Henderson reports that the map will include locations from the original Modern Warfare 2, such as “a significantly expanded version of Favela, and other classic arenas such as Afghan, Quarry, Terminal, and Trailer Park.”

Those locations would seem fitting for the 2022 title’s rumored themes and locations. Henderson says the campaign “will be centered around the drug war against Columbian cartels” and will be “a grittier take on Modern Warfare 2019’s campaign.” It’s said to feature returning characters from Task Force 141, which was teased at the end of MW’s campaign and expanded on in Warzone and MW’s seasonal content.

The third, unnamed mode is said to be a replacement for Zombies and a mix of PvP and PvE, according to Henderson. He says it’s expected to see “players battling against cartel AI with friends as they attempt to complete objective-based missions within the same MW2 Warzone map.”

None of the information in Henderson’s report is confirmed yet, obviously, but the reporter has previously been early on unreleased details for upcoming CoD titles in the past.