Clayster ‘not ready’ to retire, ‘looking for other opportunities in other teams’ after being benched by Subliners

The three-time Call of Duty World Champion wants to continue playing.

Photo via ©2021 Call of Duty League

Clayster isn’t ready to retire from Call of Duty just yet and is looking for other roles, the pro said in a video posted today. The video comes shortly after he was benched by the New York Subliners.

Speculation surrounding Clayster’s position on the Subliners arose after a report from Dot Esports said PaulEhx was expected to sign with the Subliners. The Call of Duty League analyst desk confirmed Clayster’s benching last night, before the official announcement.

The New York Subliners officially welcomed PaulEhx to the team in place of Clayster today. Shortly after the announcement, Clayster explained his future in Call of Duty. As one of the oldest veterans in the league, fans began to question if Clayster would be hanging up the controller.

“I really do want to compete,” Clayster said in his video. “I am going to fight and scrap for every inch of this pro career that I have. I always have and I always will. I am not ready to be done yet.” The pro also added that he is “looking for other opportunities on other teams” and hopes to find a spot on an organization after the Major.

Clayster explained the situation surrounding his team, saying he had been pushing for the team to make two changes to the roster. He also explained that his performances have not been the best in Call of Duty: Vanguard so far, but he is still passionate about competing in the title. In the Subliners’ most recent loss to the Florida Mutineers, Clayster had the lowest K/D on the team at 0.61.

While Clayster wants to compete professionally, he added that he would be open to exploring opportunities outside of competing as well.