Cinematic clip for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 might hint at new Warzone map

The future of Warzone might be hidden in plain sight.

Image via Activision

A new cutscene in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might suggest that another Warzone map could be on the way—and it could potentially take place in Urzikstan. 

Season four is finally here and it’s added new content for players to enjoy and unlock. Captain Price is now available as a playable Operator and there are two new weapons for players to unlock through the battle pass. 

Warzone got a new game mode and in-game events, but the map didn’t receive any major changes. Players did notice a small detail in a new cutscene, however, that may hint at a new map on the way. 

After downloading the season four update, a new cinematic clip will appear when loading into Warzone. The clip shows Captain Price giving a summary of what’s happening in Verdansk and the story so far. He also says there’s still a “hidden world” in Verdansk, which indicates there are still plenty of things to be done in the current map. 

After this statement, however, the map pans out and shows Verdansk and the surrounding area. Urzikistan can be seen on the left side of the screen and is the only other location marked by name. This has led some to believe it could be the next Warzone map location.

Urzkistan is a fictional country that’s heavily featured in the Modern Warfare campaign. There are several multiplayer maps that take place in Urzkistan, such as Rammaza, Aniyah Palace, and Azhir Cave. Several areas in the Verdansk Warzone map are multiplayer maps, so a new map in Urzkistan could follow this pattern and use existing assets. 

This is just speculation right now, however. Infinity Ward has not released any information on new maps for Warzone. Players will also likely see more updates to Verdansk before a new map is announced.