Changes for Both Curse.CoD Rosters Plus Denial

Changes are abound for both of Curse's Call of Duty teams.

Changes are abound for both of Curse’s Call of Duty teams.

Having lost Chris “Parasite” Duarte to OpTic Gaming earlier in the week, Curse LV needed a new fourth, and they’ve found that fourth in one of their own. Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio makes the move to Curse LV from Curse NY in a swift transaction between the two Curse squads.

The loss of StuDyy plus a disappointing placement at UMG Philly left Curse NY looking for answers. After Robert “Assass1n” Walsh and Eric “Twizz” Servello left to join Denial, Curse NY have also announced a new roster, starring John “Revan” Boble, Matt “Burns” Potthoff, joining Mike “Blfire” G.

Denial’s full roster has been impacted bigtime as Complex and John have been released, being replaced by Twizz and Assass1n to fill out the roster with Phizzurp and Flawless.

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