Call of Duty XP 2016 Casting Talent Announced

A total of 19 casters and analysts will be present at Call of Duty XP to break down the largest event of all time for fans at home.

Just a few days remain beforethe biggest Call of Duty event of all time begins. Call of Duty XP2016 will be a celebration of all things Call of Duty and will behost to this year’s Call of Duty World Championship. Thetournament will have the world’s best teams, as well as theworld’s best casting talent. The talentlineup this year islarger than ever before, featuring the following 19 casters andanalysts:

Ben “Benson”Bowe

Alan “Bricey”Brice

Doug “Censor”Martin

Thomas “Chance”Ashworth

Jack “Courage”Dunlop

Rondez “Fox”Green

Alex “Machine”Richardson

Clint “Maven”Evans

Joe “Merk”DeLuca

Milo “Miles”Ross

Phil “Momo”Whitfield

Matt “Mr. X”Morello

Quintin “Paradox”Johnson

Chris “Puckett”Puckett

James “Replays”Crowder

John “Revan”Boble

Salom “Soe”Gschwind-Penski

Tyler “TeePee”Polchow

Chris “Trout”Trout 

The names on the list includeCall of Duty World League casters from each region, as well asseveral former professional players who will offer insight no oneelse can provide.

With 32 teams in attendance,several matches will be played at once throughout the first fewdays. Each and every match will be broadcast to Twitch. A total offive streams will be running, including one titled “XPZone,” which will feature look-ins on the best action andanalysis throughout the weekend.

The XP Zone will be similar toNBC’s Gold Zone during the Olympics or the NFL’sRedzone, which handpicks the most entertaining action throughoutthe day. According to his Twitter, Courage will be hosting XP Zoneand will likely be accompanied by at least one othercaster.

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