Call of Duty will reportedly reveal 2023 game much later than usual

Pretty late in the year compared to previous games.

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The 2023 installment of the Call of Duty franchise is reportedly set for a tentatively scheduled August reveal.

According to Insider Gaming, sources that spoke to the outlet have said the reveal for Call of Duty 2023 is set for August “by some form of in-game event.” The report indicated that Aug. 1 is currently “penciled” in as the official reveal date.

Key dates for CoD 2023 were included in the report: The PlayStation beta weekend is reportedly scheduled for Oct. 6 to 10, and the open beta weekend is set for the weekend after, from Oct. 12 to 16. Early access to the campaign will reportedly launch on Nov. 2, with a full release of the game reportedly set for Nov. 10.

The report doesn’t give any indication yet of what the next installment of the series will be called or what will be included in the reveal itself. Previous reports that have come out suggest the “new” Call of Duty game coming out this year will serve as a continuation of the current Modern Warfare 2 release.

Prior to the launch of MW2, the expectation was for Call of Duty to move to a two-year cycle for its primary releases instead of just one. The 2023 release was originally meant to just be a “premium expansion” featuring new single-player and multiplayer content, but it was eventually changed into a full game release. The 2023 installment is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Vanguard, with supervision from Infinity Ward, the development team behind Modern Warfare.

Compared to previous releases, the timing of the reveal for CoD 2023 is significantly later than usual. MW2 got a name reveal in April 2022, before a trailer arrived in early June. Most CoD reveals are made near April or May.

Insider Gaming also mentioned in today’s report that zombies are returning to Call of Duty 2023 at launch, but potentially not in the traditional round-based zombies mode. Details on that mode are still unknown.

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