Call of Duty: Warzone’s 1.29 update adds battle royale private matches

The patch notes revealed the surprise.

Image via Activision

In a huge reveal for the competitive Call of Duty: Warzone community, Infinity Ward’s patch notes for the 1.29 update have a surprise in them—a beta version for private Warzone games.

Since Warzone’s inception, the game’s big-money tournaments have all had to be played in public matches. Now, with private matches available, nuisances like hackers and stream-snipers can finally be avoided.

The private match beta has three different variants, all with player count requirements to start up the game. Battle Royale needs 50 players to start and it also has squad variations. There’s also Plunder, which needs 30 players to start, and Mini Battle Royale, which needs 24 players to begin.

The patch notes also revealed a big change to the PC version of Warzone that has to do with how textures are downloaded. High-resolution textures will now download while players play the game, using “On-Demand Textures Streaming.”

The new texture feature is found in the Options section under Graphics tab in Details and Textures. It basically streams the textures for Operators and Weapons to help with patch sizes and disk space.

The patch notes also feature a slew of bug fixes and minor tweaks. All of the patch notes can be read on Infinity Ward’s website.