Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth Island vault rewards and keycard locations

Free cash and loot if you want to work a bit for it.

Image via Activision

The easter eggs are always aplenty in Call of Duty titles, and Warzone is no different.

Even on its smaller, secondary map Rebirth Island, there’s a fun easter egg hunt to be made in each game. It’s completely optional and likely won’t affect the outcome of a game in any big way, but it’s a fun thing to do for players looking to find a bit more in a game of Resurgence.

The Rebirth Reinforced map update got some cool new loot items to be found via special keycards scattered around the map. Luckily, they all spawn in the same spot, so they can be found each game, but this also means that there will always be some serious competition to grab them.

Here’s where to find all three keycards and the vault where they’re used to grab some sweet loot.

Rebirth Island vault and keycard locations

Image via Activision | Remix by Scott Duwe

Rebirth Island vault location

The vault is found in the Stronghold area of the map, all the way in the southwest corner. It’s marked on the map above with the number one. The vault is behind a door inside of the main floor of the building marked, and all of the keycards must be brought to this location to earn their rewards.

Vikhor’s Keycard location

The original Rebirth Island vault is now unlocked for all, and this room will contain Vikhor’s Keycard and Red Room blueprint for the Milano SMG. The building is found in the Headquarters area of the map and it’s marked on the map above with the number two. This keycard unlocks the middle vault in the vault room.

Reward: $8,000 cash, Loadout Drop

Perseus Keycard location

This building to the south of Nova 6 Factory, marked on the map above with the number two, contains the Perseus Keycard. It’s found on a bookshelf inside of the main room in the building. This keycard unlocks the left-side vault in the vault room.

Reward: $10,000 cash, Advanced UAV

Forgotten Keycard location

A staircase on the ground floor of the above marked building (number three) at Bioweapon Labs. Head underground and find a shower, with an interactible shower head. Once you do so, it will drop stacks of cash and the keycard. This keycard unlocks the right-side vault in the vault room.

Reward: Munitions Box, Loadout Marker, Specialist Bonus

The above video by MrDalekJD shows the specific locations of each of the keycards and the vault.