Call of Duty: Warzone players encounter new glitch with prone movement

Hopefully the exploit is removed soon.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty players are experiencing a new glitch in Warzone. The new exploit shows players lying prone while they’re standing upright and moving normally on their own screen.

A Warzone player encountered an enemy moving quickly while lying prone on the ground earlier today. The player engaged the enemy, who was able to return fire as if they were standing normally. The enemy was eventually eliminated and the player continued their game believing it was just a strange glitch.

Once the player uploaded the clip, however, others confirmed that it’s a new exploit that cheaters are abusing.

Another player posted their own clip of a confusing death they didn’t understand. On their screen, the enemy was lying prone while shooting them and they were able to move quickly inside a building. When they pursued the enemy, they were swiftly killed even though the enemy appeared to be lying prone behind a counter.

The player watched the killcam and realized the enemy was standing upright on their own screen, even though they appeared to be prone in-game.

Several other players confirmed their experience with the odd glitch and said they’ve encountered it several times in Warzone. One player explained that when someone enters a truck while prone, their hitbox is still registered as prone when they leave the vehicle. This allows players to run around normally but appear to be lying prone on other players’ screens.

The new glitch will likely be fixed soon since another major Modern Warfare update is on the way.