Call of Duty: Warzone player wipes 2 enemy teams with overpowered revolvers

The weapon is unbalanced and will likely be fixed in a future update.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered that akimbo .357 revolvers are unbalanced and slightly overpowered. One player showed just how deadly the revolvers can be by eliminating two enemy teams with ease.

The player and their squad were in the final circle and took a moment to heal and loot. The player found the akimbo .357 revolvers on a dead enemy and quickly grabbed them before the storm pushed them out of the building. They immediately took fire from another team and were pushed into another building.

The player’s teammates were downed by the team pushing their position, so the player jumped out of a window to get the drop on the enemy. They knocked two enemy players with one shot each from their akimbo pistols and jumped back inside to continue their rampage.

The player knocked down another enemy with a single blast from their overpowered revolvers and knocked down another player from the final team. The player moved outside and hit a jump shot on an enemy player that instantly downed them and turned around to engage the final enemy. The last opponent was no match for their revolvers and was knocked down in a single shot as well.

The player single-handedly wiped two teams while only using the revolvers. They showed a solid amount of game sense and precise movement, but the clip clearly proves just how overpowered the akimbo .357s can be.

Other players in the comments confirmed that the weapons are almost impossible to stop in close-quarter engagements and need to be fixed. Some players said that the enemies may have been low on health, but others confirmed the akimbo revolvers can knock a player down with full health and shields.

Other weapons in Modern Warfare have been nerfed or buffed to make them balanced, so there will likely be an update to the .357 in the future.