Call of Duty: Warzone player takes out helicopter with Loadout Drop

They didn't see that coming.

Image via Activision

Loadout Drops in Call of Duty: Warzone are expensive but they’re usually worth the high price. One player discovered that they can also be used to take out enemy helicopters when placed in the right spot at the right time.

A player uploaded a clip of them purchasing a Loadout Drop from a buy station to give their team access to their custom classes. They threw the Loadout Drop marker on the ground and waited for the supply drop to land like normal. The team noticed a helicopter flying toward them, however, and took cover in case the enemy player decided to engage them.

The player in the helicopter flew directly over the team waiting for their Loadout Drop and didn’t notice the large box falling from the sky. The Loadout Drop fell directly on the helicopter, killing the player and dropping their loot to the team below.

The Loadout Drop spun several times after making contact with the helicopter but still landed relatively close to the original drop point. The players looked around at each other in confusion as they realized what just happened.

The player confirmed in the comments that they didn’t receive credit for the kill, but they still eliminated an enemy in a funny and unique way. Other players discussed just how rare it is for this type of situation to occur and that it was impressive even though the kill didn’t count.

Make sure to watch for Loadout Drops the next time you get into a helicopter in Warzone.