Call of Duty: Warzone player takes out a helicopter with a Recon Drone

The small drone packs a big punch.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone offers a lot of equipment options for players to use. One item that’s often overlooked is the Recon Drone, which allows players to gather intel on their surrounding area.

The drone needs to be piloted by the player, though. This often leaves them vulnerable while using the device, so a lot of players prefer to carry other options. This might change, however, since one player discovered today that Recon Drones can take out helicopters.

A user uploaded a clip of them taking fire from an enemy team. They ran inside a building to add more armor plates to avoid being knocked down and they also decided to get a better look at the enemy team. The player deployed their Recon Drone to scope out the surrounding area and discovered the enemy team coming their way in a helicopter.

The player decided to pilot their drone in front of the helicopter, which surprisingly knocked it out of the sky. They didn’t receive credit for the kill, but they did prove that drones are more useful than most players think.

Recon Drones are a great tool to mark enemy players for your team and to learn exactly where they might be hiding. The drone has an option to switch to a thermal view, which highlights enemies with a white glow that makes them easy to see.

Drones may not be as fun or exciting as other field upgrades options in Warzone, but apparently they’re worth keeping around in case you run into an enemy helicopter.