Call of Duty: Warzone player encounters Buy Station glitch

Warzone players cannot catch a break.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered a new glitch in the battle royale that allowed them to shoot while knocked down. 

A player was purchasing a cluster strike from a Buy Station when an enemy knocked them down. Usually, when a player is knocked down, they can move around slowly but are still unable to shoot. When the player was knocked down while using the Buy Station, however, they were still able to use their weapons.

While on the ground, the player equipped their weapon and aimed down their sights. They still could not move around freely, but they could potentially defend themselves if needed. They eventually died as the gas closed in their position, however.

Other players believe the glitch was caused by the knocked down animation interfering with the Buy Station. The player purchased the cluster strike right as they were knocked down, which may have interfered with the animation. 

Another player claims the bug has been present in Warzone since launch but that it only happens on rare occasions. Other players speculated that it could be a new feature coming to the game that is already present in the game files. 

Previous Call of Duty titles have featured a Last Stand perk that allowed players to shoot when knocked down. Most players found this mechanic to be overpowered or annoying, and it has not been included in any recent titles.