Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are now flying in cars around Caldera


Image via Activision

The future is here, Call of Duty players. Cars can now fly in Warzone, thanks to hackers.

The neverending fight against cheaters and hackers in Warzone has added a new episode to its saga by way of landlocked vehicles that can now somehow fly. This probably isn’t what Activision had in mind when it was advertising dogfights for Warzone Pacific.

Pro Warzone player Intechs was the unfortunate victim of an event that looks like a cross between The Jetsons and a Michael Bay film yesterday when he and his squad were attacked from above.

That’s nothing new in Warzone, really—the game features attack helicopters and World War II fighter jets. But Intechs soon found out the severity of the situation when the killcam showed his killer was aimbotting while also standing on a flying car.

The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat system deployed by Activision in December has been hit or miss. Many of the game’s prospective cheaters have run into a wall in the form of hardware bans or guns that don’t deal damage, but some slip through the cracks. And this newest one is funny and scary all at the same time.

Issues with Warzone seem to be aplenty these days. With a large part of Raven Software’s quality assurance team on strike since the beginning of December, the game is rife with bugs and other issues that have forced Activision to delay season two to Feb. 14.

Keep your eyes on the skies the next time you drop into Caldera, Call of Duty fans. You might become the victim of a flying jeep or big rig truck. And if you do, be sure to hit the report button.